Get an overview of the key data and the individual semesters of the Master’s programme.

Factsheet Joint Degree Master in Biomedical Engineering (PDF)

Key Data

DegreeJoint Degree Master in Biomedical Engineering
ECTS points120
Studying modeFull-time and part-time
Duration of full-time study4 semesters
School daysMonday to Friday
Teaching languageEnglish
PlaceBasel and Muttenz (Basel-Land)
Stay abroadoptional

The deadline for applications for the autumn semester is 30 April of the relevant year.

Semester Overview

The contents of the 1st semester of the program strongly depend on the individual student’s background. Thus students with a medical background undergo a deep dive into basic engineering. Conversely, students with an engineering/natural science background are exposed to the fundamentals of human medicine. In parallel to this tailored education, early fundamentals of biomedical engineering are introduced.

The 2nd semester develops general biomedical engineering skills and knowledge up to master’s level and focuses on one of two study tracks: either Medical Systems Engineering or Biomaterial Science and Engineering. This is accompanied by a wide range of elective biomedical engineering modules.

During the 3rd semester, the tracks progress towards our specialization foci, including Computer Assisted Surgery, Image Acquisition and Analysis, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologies, and Implants and Regenerative Technologies. All specializations are complemented with a wide range of elective courses. The 3rd semester culminates with hands-on training. As a result, our students acquire the skills required to move forward to the Master’s Thesis in the last semester.  

The fourth semester is devoted to the Master’s Thesis, where students work independently on a scientific project of their choice, supervised by one of our Professors. The Thesis ends with a public defense.

Contact & Further Details

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